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We will not be offering an event this fall, but stay tuned for spring/summer.

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Julie DeRose

5 valuable lessons learned through golf

The game seems simple enough - get the ball into the hole with the least amount of swings possible. But for anyone who's ever played, it's clear just how difficult this can be. Through our non-profit golf organization, we hope to teach young women in our community:


golf is a game of misses and mistakes. You rarely hit the shot you planned, but you learn how to find success in failure.

Work ethic

practice makes perfect, especially when it comes to golf. A combination of mental and physical work is what it takes to make a player great.


there will be no shortage of distractions in life and on the golf course. Clear your mind, breathe and hit the shot.


always replace your divot, fix your ball mark and leave the course in better shape than you found it. Doing the little things right will open up opportunities on and off the course.


how do you act when no one's watching?

We hope our women's golf tournaments will be a huge hit in our community, introducing the game to many young women who would have otherwise never even considered playing. To learn more about our golfing charity, get in touch with us now.